Activate remote support license

Activating your license

Open the TSplus Remote Support interface and click on the License tab.
Then, click on the “Activate your License” button:

Activate remote support

In order to get your Activation Key, connect to our Licensing Portal and enter your Email Address and your Order Number:

You can then enter this activation key and click on “Next” 
activate license choose

Check one or more items and click on the “Next” button. Please note that you can activate several products at the same time by checking several products/support!

License activation rwmote support

All your products/support are now activated (in this example, both TSplus with support and TSplus Remote Support have been activated at once).

activated licenses

Refresh your License Data by clicking on the corresponding button, it will synchronize information with our Licensing Portal:

license refresh
license synchronized

Thank you for choosing TSplus Remote Support!