Announcing RDS-Knight 4.2 – The Best in Server Security

Following the release of TSplus Version 12.30, we are proud to announce the release of RDS-Knight Version 4.2. This update improves two of the core features that protect Remote Access Servers against unauthorized access. Read for more details.

RDS-Knight 4.2 Allows Efficient Remote Access Restrictions on Time and Location

TSplus 12.30 comes bundled with a trial of the latest version of RDS-Knight. Integrated with TSplus, RDS-Knight brings a comprehensive security tool set to effectively block harmful attacks and prevent security breaches on RDS servers

Remote Desktop protocol is often the first point of attack used by cyber-criminals to compromise systems and sensitive information. Businesses need powerful tools to lock down their remote sessions and limit the risks. That’s what RDS-Knight does. Working Hours Restriction and Homeland Protection features allow administrators to control the time and place of remote connections. These two powerful security features are included both in the Essentials andUltimate Editions.

With RDS-Knight 4.2Working Hours Restriction has been enhanced with a new setting:  Administrators can force automatic disconnection of users when their configured working time comes to an end.

RDS setting

By default, RDS-Knight warns the user 2min before it automatically closes the session…

This means, that for a user who is supposed to work exclusively on weekdays, from 9AM to 5PM, RDS-Knight can be configured to prevent sessions from opening AND the sessions that are already open can be automatically closed after warning the user that they are operating outside of their assigned hours.

From the App dashboard, Administrators can see the related event and easily define Working Hours parameters such as the warning delay (by default 2 min) and message, the working times and the local time zone.

In the meantimeHomeland Protection has been strengthened to more aggressively filter any attempts to connect from unauthorized countries. This change constitutes a significant step toward an even more reliable and future-proof RDS-Knight. The feature‘s high efficiency is easily visible on the Security Event log: it now displays detailed notification for every blocked IP. However, it is also far less CPU-intensive!


RDS-Knight powerful Homeland Protection lets no forbidden connection pass through!

Management has been further streamlined with the new possibility to block/unblock any IP address directly from the Event log with a simple right-click. In the meantime, the IP list per Country is regularly updated to ensure the best response and efficiency of the filters.

RDS-Knight 4.2 includes many others improvements and fixes released in previous versions