Advanced Features – Logs
Advanced Features – Logs

Advanced Features - Logs Overview On this tab, you can configure TSplus Logs settings. By default TSplus doesn't create logs, to avoid performance issues. Logs exist to find more easily…

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TSplus Web App
TSplus web-app-chrome
TSplus Web App

TSplus web-app TSplus Web App is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that leverages modern browser APIs to deliver a seamless remote access experience without cumbersome software installation or complicated connection…

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Virtual Printer
Virtual Printer Add-On
Virtual Printer

TSplus Virtual Printer The TSplus virtual printer is a new alternative to classic remote desktop printing solutions, which can be unreliable, hardware dependent and difficult to manage. The virtual printer’s…

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Remote Desktop RDP Port Registry

TSplus Rdp Port Registry Services - Get Access Anytime Anywhere The best alternative for RDS / Citrix / TSE. For folks interested in a powerful system for Remote Access that’s…

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Advanced Features – Contextual Menu
TSplus Ver 12.50 Contextual Menu
Advanced Features – Contextual Menu

Overview Since TSplus version 12.50, a new "Send to Client" menu can be enabled under the Advanced > Contextual Menu tab to easily send files to client workstation. Enable/Disable Contextual Menu Feature By…

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Web Lockout
admin-tool-Web Lockout
Web Lockout

Overview On this tab, you can enable/disable and configure TSplus Lockout settings. Enable/Disable Lockout Feature The Lockout Feature is enabled by default. You can disable it by changing the value from "Yes"…

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TSplus Editions

HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR TSPLUS EDITION On the License Tile under the Serial Number, you can see the type of TSplus License editions you purchased as well as your number…

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Trouble shooting SSL Certificate

I received only one file (.crt or cer) which contains Certificate Look at the path in the certificate properties. If your certificate is at the root, then you don’t…

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Certificates and Certification process

Certification Process The certificates are delivered by the Certificates Authorities (CA). This is a 3-step process. a) The generation of a Key Pair or Private Key in standard RSA 2048…

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mount a logical drive

This tutorial will cover the following aspects: How to deploy a logon script and have multiple logon scripts scenery. Mounting a specific folder within a session from client or server…

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HTML5 Client: Parameters in URL address

When using Terminal Service Plus HTML5 client to connect to a remote server, you can specify several parameters in the URL address to override default parameters, such as: user login…

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