Remote Support Agent Interface


Once the End-User has installed the TSplus Remote Support Client and agreed to allow the connection, the Support Agent can connect to this Remote Support Session from his Agent Web Console

Remote support agent interface

Agent Connection Screen

After clicking on the ‘Connect’ button, the TSplus Remote Work Support Client will run.

The Support Agent is now connected to the End-User’s desktop session.

The Agent can take control and troubleshoot independently or collaboratively: multiple Agents can connect to the same Remote Computer.

agent interface screen

Agent Chat Box

The Agent Chat Box is more than just a way to communicate with the End-User.

Remote support chat box

It contains vital information and functionality the Support Agent needs, listed below from top to bottom:

Send Command

Enables the Support Agent to send the ctrl+alt+del keyboard command or start Task Manager on the Remote Computer.

Change Monitor Displayed

Scrolls through available displays if the Remote Computer uses a multi-monitor configuration.

Enable/Disable Clipboard Synchronization

Controls the Remote Agent’s ability enable or disable clipboard functionality between the Agent and End-User PCs.

Remote Computer Information

Displays OS, Hardware and User Account data from the Remote PC, as configured in Advanced Administrator Settings

Upload File

Allows the Support Agent to move files from his support environment to the Remote PC for troubleshooting or repairs.

Show Chat

Brings the Chat Box back to the main chat window.