TSplus 12.30 Update Enhances Remote Access Security

TSplus has recently released a major update. The changes focus on enhancing security features and bringing new options that enable safe and reliable Remote Access. The following article reviews TSplus 12.30 main addition: SMS option for 2FA Security.

TSplus 12.30 Offers 2FA Security with SMS Verification

TSplus is proud to announce a new layer of security for Web Portal users. The Two Factor Authentication security option for Web Portal can now be used with SMS.

How does TSplus 2FA work?

TSplus Two Factor Authentication was introduced with Version 12 as an additional way to secure access to the Web Application Portal. TSplus already provides a wide range of security tools to keep remote connections safe. From the built-in HTTPS Web Server to free TSplus SSL certificate and personal Web Credentials, servers and users are protected. 

However, as cyber-attacks techniques get more sophisticated, powerful security tools are necessary to fight them. Relying on passwords and usernames can put organizations at  risk of having their data stolen and their business collapsing. 

TSplus 2FA for Mobile Web and Enterprise editions offers an extra-layer of security.

It requests a two-step verification process to open a session on the web portal. In addition to their credentials, users will need to enter a unique and temporary code generated on a separate device (such as a smartphone) to log-in. This prevents malicious people from accessing the user sessions with a stolen password.

The existing method requires the installation of an authenticator app (ex: Google or Microsoft Authenticator, Authy…) on the user’s device. The user then scans the QR code displayed on the Web Portal at the first connection to authenticate the device. The App is then able to generate a new code at each connection, even when the device is offline.

TSplus 12.30 integrates a second method to use the 2FA feature: the verification code can now be sent by SMS.

In the AdminTool, the Administrator has access to a complete dashboard for 2FA, where he can easily configure users, select the verification method of his choice (per user), manage SMS settings and test the feature directly. 50 SMS are provided with the 30 day trial (10 users). It is simple, flexible and powerful!

On the user side, this is what will now be displayed on the web portal at the first connection after enabling 2FA

TSplus Two Factor Authentication

The user can choose his favorite method of verification

The Administrator can also choose to enforce one specific method. In this case, the user will only see the selected option for verification.

The full process for configuring the TSplus Two Factor Authentication feature is described in detail in the online User Guide

The latest TSplus improvements ensure high compatibility with Windows 10 1903 “May 2019 TSplus Update” for Pro, Education and Enterprise editions.

Additionally, TSplus’ unique security add-on RDS-Knight, has been updated as well and the latest 4.2 version is offered as a trial with TSplus 12.30.

TSplus has been chosen as one of CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Citrix Solution Providers in 2019

Every year, CIOReview selects 10 promising businesses that offer genius Citrix Solutions and interviews their leaders to feature them in one special edition. John Davies was invited to talk about the history of TSplus and to share his vision for the future, as well as offering some insight on what has made TSplus so successful in the highly competitive market of Remote Access and Windows Application Delivery.

Setting the standard for secure information access, TSplus has spread throughout the global market with its unique product that can turn any existing windows system in to a full web solution.”

CIOReview 2019

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