How to Keep Remote Work Safe Against Ransomware Attack

How to Keep Remote Work Safe Against Ransomware Attack

This year has forced organizations to adapt quickly, enabling employees to work from home. But remote work solutions can increase risks of Ransomware attack. Advanced Security new video shows how it keeps both employees and data safe!

Remote Work Increases Ransomware Attack Surface

Cyber criminals know that more than ever, businesses are virtually connected to their staff everywhere in the World. They use their own devices to access their professional tools and receive emails, unaware that they are no longer under the protection of the company firewall. Hackers are easily breaking into networks of organizations of all sectors to steal important data. Without the proper cyber network security in place, chances are high that ransomware will continue to cause costly damage to businesses.  

TSplus knows the challenge and that is why the new version of its companion tool Advanced Security comes with powerful Ransomware Protection, to detect and defeat any ransomware attack. It is also able to back-up files and restore them in a click.

Along with the 2FA security for Web Portal, Advanced Security is the right cybersecurity software to reduce the attack surface on corporate servers with up to seven features.  Businesses can keep their employees safe without worrying about their own security.

TSplus Enterprise edition which includes the Web Access and Web App is available in a 15-day free trial.