TSplus Advanced Security

Secure your corporate servers and remote work infrastructure with the most powerful set of security features ever combined in a comprehensive cybersecurity toolbox.
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What is TSplus Advanced Security?
In a few clicks, TSplus Advanced Security enables you to block attacks on your Remote Desktop and Application Servers with powerful security features combined for the first time. Limit incoming connections by country or region. Defeat and permanently block automated login attacks. Even block 368 million known hacker IP addresses from day 1. It’s the most comprehensive cybersecurity toolbox on the market. And the most affordable!
Secure Remote Desktop Connection - How does it work?
Simply install TSplus Advanced Security on any Windows server or desktop you need to protect. Administrators can easily customize each security measure to the needs of their remote work infrastructure. Once installed and configured, a user-friendly admin console enables administrators to easily manage settings and monitor security events. With both a Lite mode and an Expert mode available, administrators will have everything they need to comfortably manage the security of their infrastructure.
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Why TSplus Advanced Security?
Secure your Remote Work infrastructure
Secure your IT infrastructure as you transition to remote working. As hackers are more present than ever, ensure maximum security with our all-in-one cybersecurity toolbox.
Fine-tune security to your needs
Define how remote employees can work remotely in a few clicks, what they can access, at what time and from what country and device.
Maximize security. Minimize cost.
Obtain the best value-for-money cybersecurity software out there. TSplus Advanced Security comes with permanent licenses that last for life.

Key features at a glance

  • Essentials Security Features
  • Ultimate Security Features
  • Admin tool

Homeland Protection

Restrict remote access by countries, private networks and whitelisted IP addresses.

Brute Force Defender

Protect your public server from hackers, network scanners and brute-force robots trying to guess your logins and passwords.

Global IP Management

Easily manage IP addresses from one place with a single list for both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses.

Working Hours

Limit remote access to only the days and times required for business operations.

Hacker IP Protection

Block all known harmful IP addresses in one click. Silently updated every day upon activation.

Ransomware Protection

Efficiently detect, block and prevent ransomware attacks even before they exist. Get instant warning and check all files automatically.


Configure permissions for specific users, groups and files using a centralized dashboard. Easily inspect and edit privileges.

Secure Desktop

Configure the security level for each user or group with three security levels meticulously crafted to the IT industry’s best practices standards.

Endpoint Protection

Prevent compromised credentials from being used to access your network by pairing devices to user accounts.

All-in-one Dashboard

Access all security features from an easy-to-navigate centralized dashboard.

Event Logs

Easily monitor, navigate, search and interact with security events. The logs are refreshed every few seconds.

System Audit

Quickly monitor the status of your systems and follow recommendations.

Lite Mode

Choose between the lite mode and the expert mode depending on your level of comfort.


Frequently asked questions

Which edition is included in the free trial?

The free trial includes the fully featured Ultimate Edition for 15 days

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, our licences are permanent!

After you purchase your licence, you will be able to enjoy TSplus Advanced Security without time limitation. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Update and Support services (the fee is a small percent of your licence’s price).

The Update and Support services include our worldwide licence re-hosting, ticket/Email support service, Forum access, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates.

Can I get support to deploy my TSplus software?

Yes, you will find all the information you need in our user guides and the deployment support emails that you will receive. TSplus remote desktop access software are easy to deploy, but if you still face difficulties, our support team will be happy to help you.

I have a special request, can I talk to the TSplus sales team?

Of course, we will be happy to help. Simply contact us here.

I have clients interested in TSplus software products, can I become a partner?

Absolutely, we work with over 5,000 business partners worldwide in different capacities. Servicing your client with one of our remote desktop access software is, therefore, possible.

To do so, simply get Regitered now.

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