With TSplus partner account you will be able to track your license purchases. There are no obligations or time constraints by using our partner program. Register now and start offering your clients and customers the TSplus experience on their remote desktop servers.

Each form will be reviewed by the TSplus team and accepted or declined in less than 72 hours. All information that we receive will be held confidential and only used by TSplus for the partnership program. No third parties will be involved or have access to this information.

TSplus has one of the best partners program in the Industry

TSplus Solution Provider Program brings you tools, resources, and support to grow your business with your own offerings and services.

Why your users need you to sell them TSplus

Easy to configure and install, TSplus can be setup in less than 5 minutes; TSplus’ solutions offer an outstanding experience from the start.
Profit from the booming Cloud market with TSplus, which provides secured browser based access to Windows applications and desktops
TSplus enables load-balancing and centralization of operations and data, thus improving desktops and all servers in the cloud.
Deliver Windows applications to any user, even remote users anywhere, irrelevant of the operating system, computer or mobile device they are using.

The Benefits of being a TSplus Independent Software Vendor

  • Big discount over our prices
  • Resale margins to build your revenue and profitability
  • A private access to our Partners Portal
  • Free software for demos and internal user
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing tools and documents
  • Ready-made TSplus graphics and logos


feel free to contact us with any question:

 EMAIL                [email protected]

 PHONE               +33 9 73 05 01 12

 WHATSAPP       +33 7 85 42 52 76



Talking about TSplus:


« We implemented TSplus 8 years ago for the needs of our architecture firm. We have deployed the software for more than 10 seats over our 3 offices in the US. The product itself is great, it fulfills a specific niche and does it well. »


Simon Bosanquet MINO PROCESS CONTROL, Ltd. (UK)

« For more than 5 years, we are using TSplus within our various sites in UK and Italy. We especially appreciate your customer support which is always helpful and fairly prompt. »


Thomas Schulz, FLOORIT AB (Sweden)

« As a servers hosting company, we started to use TSplus in 2013. Easy to install and set up, easy administration: TSplus is the perfect answer to facilitate our business and reduce our costs. »



« We use TSplus for almost a year and it has worked well. It is a very good and inexpensive alternative to purchasing Microsoft terminal service licenses. »


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Thank you for downloading, your download link is ready

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