TSplus Server Monitoring

Real-time server and website monitoring software for remote work infrastructures. Get historical and real-time data about your servers, websites, applications and users.
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TSplus Server Monitoring
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What is TSplus Server Monitoring?
TSplus Server Monitoring gives you historical and real-time facts and data about your servers, websites, applications and users. Get a clear understanding of usage and performance. Obtain and share relevant reports in seconds to fully control your environment. Monitor your servers and websites from one interface, so you can understand, predict and avoid any issue that could harm your production.
How does TSplus Server Monitoring Software work?
TSplus Server Monitoring can be deployed and configured in minutes. Once installed on the Windows server or machine of your choice, the administrator can easily add or remove monitored servers and websites.
TSplus Server Monitoring Software

Why TSplus Server Monitoring?

Remote Access Monitoring
Get real-time reports and alerts of performance issues in your remote work infrastructure. Monitor all servers, websites, applications, and users from one user-friendly comprehensive console.
Reduce IT Expenses
Server Monitoring comes with permanent affordable licenses. Optimize your IT costs by monitoring and detecting over-licensed applications.
Maximize Productivity
Discover quick wins such as moving some users from overloaded servers to under-used servers. Thanks to smart and easy-to-read reports, increase your servers’ performance and your users’ productivity.

Key features at a glance

  • Server Features
  • Website Features
  • Alerts Managment
  • Admin Tool and Customization

Real-time Monitoring

Quickly monitor your servers’ performance indicators, process usage, bandwidth and user connections.

Server Reports

Easily generate standard or customized server performance reports and export, print or email them.

User Presence and Attendance

Easily monitor user presence and attendance for specified servers and periods of time.

Application Usage

Easily monitor the application usage per server and user and optimize your performance and licensing accordingly.

Real-time Monitoring

Quickly monitor your servers’ performance indicators, process usage, bandwidth and user connections.

Website Reports

Easily obtain reports on availability, response codes and response times of your websites, and export, print or email them.

Server Alerts

Set-up alerts for key metrics; processor, memory, disk read/write usage, disk used space, active users and downtime duration.

Website Alerts

Set-up alerts for uptime and downtime duration.

Alert Customization

Choose between standard alerts automatically available as you install Server Monitoring or customize your own.

Alert Notification

Receive emails when Server Monitoring spots that a metric passed the threshold of your alert, and when it’s back to normal.

All-in-one Dashboard

Access all Server Monitoring features from an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Server and Website Management

Easily add, edit and remove the servers and websites that you want to monitor.


Easily set up Server Monitoring to customize it to your need. Configure the SMTP server for email notifications, customize your emails subjects and body text.

Report Customization

Make sure to brand your reports and customize them so that they make sense in your context.


Frequently asked questions

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, our licences are permanent!

After you purchase your licence, you will be able to enjoy TSplus Remote Access without time limitation. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Update and Support services (the fee is a small percentage of your licence’s price).

The Update and Support services include our worldwide licence re-hosting, ticket/Email support service, Forum access, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new releases, patchs and updates.

Can I get support to deploy my TSplus software?

Yes, you will find all the information you need in our user guides and the deployment support emails that you will receive. TSplus remote desktop access software are easy to deploy, but if you still face difficulties, our support team will be happy to help you.

I have a special request, can I talk to the TSplus sales team?

Of course, we will be happy to help. Simply contact us here.

I have clients interested in TSplus software products, can I become a partner?

Absolutely, we work with over 5,000 business partners worldwide in different capacities. Servicing your client with one of our remote desktop access software is, therefore, possible.

To do so, simply get Regitered now.

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