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You can start assisting your users today with our great remote support software.

TSplus Remote Support allows you to provide instant remote assistance to your clients anywhere, at any time with no third-party servers. Now you can keep control of your connections!

TSplus Remote Support is the best alternative to TeamViewer: It’s a secure, web-based Screen Sharing and Remote Control solution designed for support teams. Securely connect to remote computers, take control of their mouse, access files and applications, and troubleshoot all problems,  when your employees and customers need help the most.

Easy remote desktop control with TSplus Remote Support

Remote Desktop Access


Once the connection server is installed, the entire Remote Support system is web based. This provides an immediately familiar environment for both the support agents and end users. A simple browser plug-in is all that is required to get started. Connections are secured with SSL/TLS encryption, keeping the entire process safe for everyone involved.

Connect from any device


With a sizable percentage of the world’s workforce still working outside of the office at least a few days per week, supporting remote endpoint computers has been a challenge. Prominent market-solutions are often expensive and complicated to manage. TSplus Remote Support was built from the ground-up with the idea of creating a simple and cost-effective alternative.

Remote Web Access


A single Windows PC or Server, hosted at the office or in the cloud, serves as the connection broker and web interface for Agents and End-users. First time configuration is straightforward, with internal and external network configuration options. Just log in as the Admin, set up your support team accounts and you’re ready to start connecting to clients!

Easy-to-use administration tool


Support Agents simply log into their corporate Remote Work website. From there they can generate connection links for end-users. Once the user clicks on the link and allows the plug-in to run, the support agent can see them on the list of users waiting for an Agent. From there it‘s one click to connect, and help has arrived!

Seamless and RemoteApp


Needing tech support is already frustrating enough. Receiving it should be easy. Remote support gives clients a simple way to get connected to the people that can help them. Once they receive the link from the support agent, then end-user simply clicks and allows the browser plug-in to connect. After that, their PC is in the hands of the pros.

Application Publishing


Instead of making onsite service calls that take time and increase costs, troubleshoot issues remotely. Whether you are all in the office together, working remotely, or some combination of the two, Remote Support is the simple and cost-effective tool you need to maximize your support investment and minimize the amount of time your support agents spend moving from desk-to-desk or site-to-site.

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TSplus Remote Support is the best alternative to TeamViewer. Help your remote users as though you were troubleshooting in person: Securely and Effectively.
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