TSplus Remote Access

The ideal alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS for remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. Web-enable your legacy apps, create SaaS solutions or remotely access your centralized corporate tools and files.
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What is TSplus Remote Access?
TSplus Remote Access offers a reliable and scalable way to web-enable your Windows Applications hosted on premise or in the cloud. TSplus empowers users with instant, intuitive and seamless access to Windows-based applications and desktops, from any browser on any device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
How does it work?
Your business applications hosted on a corporate data center or cloud server are web-enabled via RDP and HTML5 clients. The system effectively creates concurrent sessions that can be accessed remotely and securely by users on any device and browser.
What is TSplus Remote Access?
Why TSplus Remote Access?
Remote Desktop Access

Create full desktops for users to remotely access centralized apps from anywhere and any device.

Create a SaaS solution
Web-enable your applications to offer it as a SaaS to your clients. Control how they can access it and more.
Web-enable legacy Apps
Extend the life of your legacy Apps by web-enabling them without redeveloping them. Keep your clients happy with your current UI.
Deliver applications locally
Publish your Windows Applications to deliver them seamlessly to the remote devices of your users.
Optimize your IT budget
Reduce IT cost by not redeveloping your apps or purchasing expensive alternatives. Our permanent licenses last for life.
Secure your infrastructure
SSL-encrypt your remote connections. Add TSplus Advanced Security and TSplus 2FA to maximize your remote infrastructure security.

Key features at a glance

  • Remote Access and Application Delivery
  • Connection Modes
  • Admin tool
  • Remote Printing
  • Security
  • Farm Features

Full Remote Desktop

Provide full Windows desktops to concurrent remote users.

Application Delivery

Publish centralized Windows applications and enable remote users to directly access them on their local machines.

Application Assigning

Publish the Windows apps you want to the groups of users that need them.

Multiple Sessions

Enable from 3 to 50+ concurrent users to connect per server.

RDP Client

Provide standard full remote desktops to concurrent users.

RemoteApp Client

Provide a launch menu on the local desktop of users to open applications hosted on your server.

HTML5 Client

Use the built-in Web Portal to access your web-enabled applications or full desktops using any browser on any device.

Easy-to-use Administration Tool

All the server’s configuration tools, including Windows feature controls, are centralized.

Active Directory Support

Easily control access to Windows apps based on Active Directory user groups as well as local accounts, Azure and AWS.

Customizable Web Portal

Customize Web Access pages with your company colors, name, and pictures in seconds.

Universal Printer

Print locally from any location and from any device, without having to install any specific printer driver.

Virtual Printer

The TSplus Virtual Printer enables fine tuning and advanced printer configurations.

Secure Encrypted Connections

All network communications are end-to-end encrypted. Remote connections are secured using SSL/TLS protocols.

Frequent Security Updates

TSplus Remote Access is silently upgraded at the kernel level throughout the year to stay ahead of the latest security requirements.

TSplus Advanced Security

Maximize security with our all-in-one cybersecurity toolbox designed for remote access.

Two-factor Authentication

Add 2FA to your web portal to maximize security.

TSplus Gateway Portal

Allow access to multiple servers securely.

Load Balancing

Split the load between multiple servers and fall back to failover servers.

Reverse Proxy

Acts as a connection intermediary that prevents Application servers from accessing the internet directly.


Frequently asked questions

Are they fully featured free trials?

Yes, our free trials come with every features. But there are some limitations:

TSplus Remote Access: 5 users maximum.
TSplus Remote Work: 5 workstations maximum.
TSplus Remote Support: 5 support agents maximum.

To go beyond these limitations, please visit our store and purchase the full version of the product of your choice.

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, our licences are permanent!

After you purchase your licence, you will be able to enjoy TSplus Remote Access without time limitation. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Update and Support services (the fee is a small percentage of your licence’s price).

The Update and Support services include our worldwide licence re-hosting, ticket/Email support service, Forum access, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new releases, patchs and updates.

Is TSplus Remote Access secure?

The short answer is yes!

Our remote desktop access software is entirely secure. To add an extra layer of security to your remote work infrastructure, we recommend combining TSplus Remote Access with TSplus Advanced Security.

TSplus Advanced Security is our security software specifically designed for remote access security.

When you purchase TSplus Remote Access Enterprise Plus, TSplus Advanced Security is included.

Can I get support to deploy my TSplus software?

Yes, you will find all the information you need in our user guides and the deployment support emails that you will receive. TSplus remote desktop access software are easy to deploy, but if you still face difficulties, our support team will be happy to help you.

I have a special request, can I talk to the TSplus sales team?

Of course, we will be happy to help. Simply contact us here.

I have clients interested in TSplus software products, can I become a partner?

Absolutely, we work with over 5,000 business partners worldwide in different capacities. Servicing your client with one of our remote desktop access software is, therefore, possible.

To do so, simply get Regitered now.

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