Compare TSplus Editions

compare between four TSplus Editions

compare between four TSplus Editions, choose the one that feet to your needs.

Mobile Web
TSplus Administrator Tool (AdminTool)                           
Concurrent connections support                             
Application Control per user and/or per groups                               
TSplus Remote Taskbar / Floating Panel                               
Remote Desktop access                               
TSplus Portable Client Generator                               
Seamless and RemoteApp connection clients                               
Fully compliant with RDP protocol                               
Dual Screen support, bi-directional Sound, RemoteFX when compatible with Windows version                               
Local and Remote connection support                               
Workgroup and Active Directory users support                               
Universal Printer: print from any location, without having to install any printer driver                        
Connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTP Web Server                 
Secured connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTPS Web Server and SSH server                 
Windows and HTML5 web access clients included in the HTML logon files                 
Easy connection from iPhone/iPad and Android devices                 
Customizable logon web page with TSplus Webmaster Toolkit                 
With TSplus Web Applications Portal, access your applications list inside any web browser                 
Connect with just an e-mail or a pin-code with TSplus Web Credentials                 
TSplus farm of servers (one license per server)      
Unlimited number of users working concurrently on a scalable Load-Balanced architecture      
Single Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers      
Ability to assign one or several Application Server(s) to users or groups      
Load Balancing and Failover support