Get reports and monitored Servers your Remote Desktop Services in a minute

Stay aware of your Servers and Websites health in real -time!

Server Genius is an integrated monitoring solution.our server monitoring tool simultaneously monitors your RDS Servers (processors, memory, performance, traffic…) as well as Websites and Remote Sessions!

Virtual and physical monitored servers ARE THE BEATING HEART of your whole business. With unified monitoring, all the information you need to improve your network is centralized. Detect issues with real-time alerts.

Server Genius helps you optimizing your production and saves you time and money.deep server monitors and server metrics show you exactly where the problem is. regardless if it’s at the server, network, or application level. Manage more with fewer resources and ensure the highest level of availability for your servers and network devices 24/7.

Server Genius Simplifies Network Monitoring

Server Genius gathers all your servers and applications key performance data in one single you can manage your network infrastructure accordingly. 

Plus, it is easy to install, use and maintain. All you need is a web browser!

  • 30 seconds setup Guarantee.
  • No complex reports designer.
  • No long days required to setup complex reports.

Server Genius helps Capacity and Licensing Planning

Thanks to an accurate reporting, you know if you’re meeting availability and operating objectives.

You can examine and correlate data metrics with Performance visualization, and drill into specific issues. Server Genius shows which servers, applications and users are the top consumers in various resource usage categories (including CPU, Memory, Disk, and I/O, connection time) on Remote Desktop services.

Server Genius helps you to optimize software resources to reduce unnecessary costs.

You will clearly see when it is necessary to increase your capacities and anticipate when to renew or adapt your licensing.

Server Genius Prevents Website and System failures

Every hour with a website failure can lead to hundreds of lost customers.

Server Genius helps anticipate and avoid any failure by getting information in real time. 

With Server Genius, you get real-time reports on your website health, availability, performances and responses.

Easily identify choke-points and performance bottlenecks. Quickly see the source of a website failure and avoid long-term mayhem.

You have access to useful statistics to make decisions on site improvements. such as visits, clicks, time spent per page, etc. that are essentials to plan marketing campaign.

Server Genius Facilitates Production Management

With Server Genius, you will easily check who is doing what and when on your servers. Server Genius can be used to track users’ activity and applications usage over a chosen period of time. Check how your employees behave on their remote sessions and optimize your resources according to their real needs. 

Server Genius presents in simple and user-friendly waterfall reports all collected data about your RDS Servers, Websites and remote sessions. 

Get a full picture of your network and know when or why expanding your IT resources and this, without the need of getting into technical details.


Server Genius Enables Real-time Alerts & Response

Server Genius prevents system failure by sending predefined or customized email alerts. for every event defined as a risk by the administrator. You can set series of significant thresholds that will proactively help you keep your servers operational. Isolate causes to fix any dramatic damage before it occurs!

Plus, its integrated Web interface allows 24h access to reports from any device (compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS/iOS…)

With its alerts system, Server Genius saves you a lot of time and money. you can troubleshoot issues before users complain,and therefore focus on business instead of tracking down problems.

Track remote access to Host Server and monitor RDP sessions

Understand, predict and avoid any issue that could harm your production. Server Genius gives you facts and data about your server, applications and users. It will provide you with relevant reports to fully get control of your server’s environment:

  • Server Monitoring reports
  • Users Activity reports
  • Running Applications reports

What more do you need? Monitor your server and website on one interface right now!

Frequently asked questions

In Reporting & Monitoring for RDP, all your data is saved in an open format. We use SQLite databases to store both global and servers-specific data.

Those SQLite database files are stored in the “db” directory inside Reporting & Monitoring for RDP main directory.

Even, if you can access those files both in read and write mode. we recommend that you always use read-only access mode. In order to avoid any conflict between Reporting & Monitoring for RDP and your own applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us.  if you want to know more on developing your own applications using Reporting & Monitoring for RDP data.

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For any Reporting & Monitoring for RDP existing customer. we provide an Update Release patch. This program will update your existing installation with our latest Reporting & Monitoring for RDP features without changing your existing settings and license. provided that you subscribed to our support and update services.