TSplus Advanced Security Version 5 With Powerful Ransomware Protection

Announcing TSplus Advanced Security Version 5 With Powerful Ransomware Protection

 A major update bringing important innovations including the next version of its security companion tool: Advanced Security Version 5. Cybersecurity experts at TSplus have been working for months to deliver brand-new ransomware protection capable of coping with today’s growing threats targeting remote desktop services.

Protecting Remote Access from Ransomware Attacks is Now a Must

Ransomware has always been a serious threat to remote desktop services. Recently, attacks have reached a new record, largely driven by the increase of personnel working remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis. Malicious cyber actors are targeting organizations’ networks through remote access tools to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and weak authentication. US CERT has recently issued an advisory on a ransomware campaign leveraging remote access technologies.

As an experienced provider of remote access technologies, TSplus is well aware of the risk. For the past three years, efforts have been focused on reinforcing the security of the connections, both on the server and client sides.

The TSplus Advanced Security companion tool was developed for this purpose. It offers an array of features based on best IT security practices to lock entry points and prevent all kinds of breaches. With seven different protections for TSplus remote sessions, web portal and server access,Advanced Security delivers a level of security adapted to every need. The mandatory Ransomware Protection is one of them, only available with the Ultimate Edition.

TSplus Advanced Security V5 Upgrades its Ransomware Protection for Efficient Response

First developed in 2017, TSplus Advanced Security’s Ransomware Protection was already a very useful program with the ability to quickly detect attacks with a honeypot system, automatically stopping and quarantining the malware. Version 5 of Advanced Security takes it to the next level: it has been completely rewritten to be a smarter and more robust Ransomware shield. 

This new Ransomware Protection uses a combination of two detection methods: static analysis, which allows reading the code without running the suspicious program, and behavioral analysis which spots any attempt to modify local files. This makes TSplus Advanced Security well positioned to deal with not only known threats today based on the current style of common ransomware but it can also watch for the threats of tomorrow based on behavior.

Thanks to this smart innovation, TSplus Advanced Security is able to block ransomware as soon as it tries operating on the system, before it even has time to encrypt a single file.


The security tool goes even further: it provides a way to restore files and programs scanned by the ransomware before Advanced Security intervention. How? Thanks to the “snapshots” feature: Ransomware Protection creates automatic back-ups of all opened files and running programs before and during the attack, in order to track all modifications and eventually reset them to their original version in one click.


The quantity of snapshots (in % of hard drive) and retention time can be easily customized via the “Advanced Setting” tab of Advanced Security user interface. 

To make sure this fundamental protection is accessible to the greatest number of businesses, it is compatible with most common antivirus tools and includes a whitelist, where admins can easily add programs and set “trusted” publishers to avoid false detection which could lead to the quarantine of business apps.

The trial version of TSplus Advanced Security V5 and its brand new Ransomware Protection is available with TSplus V14.