TSplus Recognized 2020 TOP Endpoint Security Provider

TSplus Recognized 2020 TOP Endpoint Security Provider

In the September edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, the CEO of TSplus, Olivier Benoit, has given an exclusive interview where he reveals why TSplus has been recognized as a Top Endpoint Security Solution Provider for the year 2020 by the media.

Enterprise Security Magazine is a digital and printed platform, which assists Chief Security Officers in working with greater agility to leverage tools and technology that can help them in overcoming problems.

In this article, Olivier Benoit describes how TSplus Enterprise’ cutting-edge IT security solutions make it an essential business partner for Network Administration and security.

TSplus Advanced Security

Ransomware is on the rise, with Teleworkers as First Target.

In the interview to EnterpriseSecurity Magazine, Olivier sets the scene:

“Although setting up remote offices counts as a relatively safe measure, on the technical front it is quite challenging for companies to provide secure remote desktop access, web-access, and VPN access to their employees.”

“Malware and ransomware run unchecked on the internet, endangering login information and corporate data. In these times, even strong passwords are not enough to ensure security. “

” TSplus counts among one of the few, best Citrix/TSE and RDS alternatives. It is a revolution in the world of remote desktop security and application delivery. TSplus answers the challenges faced during remote work,

States Benoit.

Block Ransomware and Back-Up Files

Since 2018, ransomware attacks have been targeting data backups and exploiting remote desktop protocol (RDP) in order to encrypt files and expose victim organizations unwilling to pay the ransom. Recently, cybercriminals have been improving their tactics: by exfiltrating data and eliminating backups prior to encrypting files, they can prevent any possibility to recover files without paying the ransom. 

The best practice for any organization using Remote Desktop protocol to ensure business continuity during COVID time is to perform regular data backups and keep them in a safe location.

TSplus Advanced Securityis able to stop any ransomware attack and save important data. 

Because it combines two detection methods, static analysis and behavioral analysis, Advanced Security is extremely efficient even against future types of ransomware.

Additionally, in order to keep the safest environment possible, it includes a way to restore data back to the state it was before the encryption attempt. 

The “snapshots” feature offers better security than a random back-up folder, which can be easily detected by the ransomware. Instead, TSplus Advanced Security creates instant “photos” of the programs and files opened before the attack and stock them in its own database for a flexible period of time. Data can then easily be restored in a click to their previous location. 

TSplus Advanced Security comes with seven other powerful features to lock down remote sessions and protect every EndPoint with the best Security.

TSplus Enterprise edition which includes the Web Access and Web App is available in a 15-day free trial.