Turn Office Apps Into Web Apps

Announcing New Video: Turn Office Apps Into Web Apps

TSplus software just produced a new video presenting its latest innovation, the TSplus Web App. The video highlights TSplus web features which allow remote connections with any browser and device to applications and desktop published on a Web Portal.

Connect and Work from Anywhere!

With the TSplus Mobile Web edition, TSplus leverages HTML5 technology to create smooth remote access to a built-in web server where companies can create their own corporate portal and publish their apps to make them available from anywhere.  

Easy to use, strongly secure and offering smart features like a native RDP, the TSplus RDS web access is compatible with most common web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari… Thus, users can login with the device of their choice, including tablets or smartphone, without installing any driver!

Online Workspace at a Fingertip​​

The TSplus Web App was released with version 12.70 to provide a quicker and seamless way to access the TSplus web portal from any device. 

Installed in a snap, this progressive web app gives a one click connection to the web portal. It behaves like a native app with responsive screen, push notifications and local icon to open it. 

It is the user-friendly solution for mobile workers and digital nomads out there, who wish to be able to access their online workspace and apps at any time.  They can also perform all necessary tasks such as file transfers and remote printing, while keeping data consumption at a low level. 

The newly released video clearly shows these benefits and more: 

  • Higher performance: Faster load times, Lower data usage 
  • Seamless user experience: Native-Like characteristics
  • Better productivity: Direct Connection and Multitasking Options
  • Multi-platform: Compatible with any device and OS
  • Safe: Connections are secure with HTTPS/TLS

TSplus Enterprise edition which includes the Web Access and Web App is available in a 15-day free TSplus trial.