Executive Summary: we’re well into July and everyone is getting ready to leave for holidays. Employees and managers have booked their annual leaves, which, with no way of keepingtrack, can put a business at risk. This is when the TSplus App becomes the best partner for any organization, as it provides secure remote connections from anywhere to office servers and apps. The perfect solution to stay relaxedon vacation!

TSplus App

1. Keep Calm & Use The TSplus App

Managers want to keep an eye on their team and lead their projects even from a distance. The TSplus App is the best management tool to stay in control, even remotely.

What better way to keep tabs on the progress being made, than by connecting whenever they want to their remote servers hosting business apps? The TSplus App for mobile devices allows direct remote access to all Windows desktop and apps on any operating system: Android, Windows, iOS, Linux...

Beyond the ability to check emails and stay aware of any emergency, everything available on the remote server can easily be accessed with a simple tap of the finger. Thus, it becomes easy to review invoices, manage customers requests, compare data in the archives, bring corrections to a presentation, etc.

Whether by the swimming pool, on a cafe terrace or riding a train, managers can quickly check what is going on back in the office and easily interfere when necessary. The TSplus App is the solution managers need to keep calm and relaxed during their days off.

2. Travel Light: Bring The TSplus App, And Nothing Else

Of course, some may say that it’s enough to take their professional laptop with them, in case they want to work a bit while enjoying their holidays. Except that there is an easier way to bring one’s office on the go. A computer on the beach has many cons: the heat, the sand, the water, the weight, the battery… Besides, airline regulations for luggage are quite restrictive, and nobody wants to be forced to choose between his working material and his favorite pair of shoes. Therefore, taking a tablet for holidays makes more sense. Still, whether it’s operating under Android, iOS, Linux or others, tablets hardly support in-house Windows business apps.

The solution is simple: leave the laptop at home and download the TSplus App from any Mobile Store. The user will benefit from secure and unlimited connection to remote servers and desktops from his tablet or smartphone, anywhere he goes. With the entire office fitting in the palm, no more packing troubles!

3. Save Time And Money With The TSplus App

Mobile phones and tablets make it easy to consult emails at anytime. However, their capabilities are pretty limited when it comes to working on tasks.Of course, it is always possible to download and use the exact business application used at the office.  Although when it is available in a mobile version, it is rarely free. So, what to offer employees who take their yearly leave without being able to achieve a crucial task? The mantra “what cannot be done today can be done tomorrow” needs to be balanced in some circumstances. Two weeks of holidays is not tomorrow. Which is fine, for those who work better under pressure and are not sensitive to stress. For all the others, there is the TSplus App to save time and relax!

Installed on a mobile or tablet, the Remote Desktop App gives instant access to remote servers, business apps and desktops. No need to bother with file transfers from workstation to tablet to carry out the work. It’s even quicker than an HTML5 remote client, as users only have to download it and enter credentials once to be connected every time, with just the tap of a finger. Last but not least, the TSplus App lets users print any document from the remote session locally, which is convenient when the Internet connection isn’t stable!

4. Stay In The Game With The TSplus App

Going on holiday means two very important things: leaving the computer and any ongoing projects behind, and catching up on all changes, issues and new objectives that take place in the meantime when finally getting back to work. The longer and better the holidays, the harder it is to return to reality.

The TSplus App is the perfect solution for employees who want to stay connected to the office, even thousands of miles away.  No need to panic thinking about the tons of tasks that will accumulate during their absence. The TSplusApp for mobile devices allows for direct remote access to all Windows apps on any operating system: Android, Windows, iOS, Linux…

One click on the App from a mobile or tablet, and the user is connected to his workstation. In a minute he can open, check and correct the latest modifications brought to an important file, and remain an active member of the team from wherever he happens to be.

5. Be Trendy: Just Download The TSplus App

If there is a need to point it out, working from a tablet when travelling is a must. Having full access to workstations with just a mobile App is obviously trendy. The TSplus Remote app for desktop is then simply a step into modernity for all employees that wish to stay connected to the business world when away.

Download the TSplus App now for free and get ready to leave for holidays!

The TSplus App has 2 pre-requisites:

For more information, visit www.terminalserviceplus.com


TSplus is a cheaper and better solution for Remote Desktop Access and Application Publishing than Microsoft Desktop Web Client. Beyond the price difference which is obvious, let’s have a look into the features in details, for a clear and objective comparison:

COMPARATIVE TABLE Microsoft Desktop Web Client VS TSplus HTML5 Client:

  • TSplus Mobile Web or Enterprise Edition
  • Internet connection
  • Web Browser
  • Secure Gateway optional, included in the Enterprise Edition

TSplus HTML5 Client is fully compatible with all Windows OS, giving full remote access to Windows Apps and desktop.It is the easy way to publish applications and connect from anywhere, just using Internet and the TSplus Web Portal. Plus, it is easy to customize it with Corporate identity, by changing the background and adding logos…

To discover how TSplus Remote Desktop’s functionality outperforms Microsoft RDS Client’s, check the following page: https://tsplus.me/remote-desktop-services-alternative

Also, it is easy to understand TSplus advantages over others competitors with the competitive analysis and various articles.

Please note that TSplus kernel is automatically updated on every TSplus server with a working Internet access, so most of customers’ servers are already up-to-date with the latest Windows Update.

And Enjoy full Web Access to Windows applications and Desktops!