How to protect your organization and remote workers During COVID-19 Crisis

TSplus Advanced Security protecting your Remote Desktop

As employers are forced to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many are implementing work-from-home policies for their employees. While remote-work technology can provide opportunities to improve employee working conditions during this crisis, it can also create potential liabilities for businesses.

Allowing Remote Access Can Increase Cyber Risk

Within a few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has upended personal and business life around the world.​

Millions of people are now forced to work from home full time, usually using whatever equipment and workspace are available to them… In many cases, this means using a personal laptop or a poorly secured mobile device. Unfortunately, the security of these devices is outside of the direct control of the business’ IT department. Which brings significant risks both for employees and employers.

Remote access software is a double-edged sword. If anything goes wrong and a hacker gets access to it, s/he will have full access to the company. Sadly, scammers, cyber-crooks and rogue nations are well aware of this fact, and are out in full force seeking to exploit these new, cautionless, remote workers.

The FBI recently issued an alert about a substantial rise in remote desktop protocol (RDP) attacks. They warned that criminals have developed new techniques to hack RDP sessions. Ransomware attacks remain also a very serious threat. The French government’s cybersecurity team CERT-FR was the first agency to sound the alarm. The security agency explained that a gang of ransomware attackers is targeting several local government networks in the country.

TSplus Advanced Security is the Mandatory Remote working cyber-safety tool

Using Remote Access increases the number and types of access points into the business’ network, and thus necessarily increases the number and types of incursion points that may be misused. That is why these points must be efficiently secured, or the business risks losing control over critical data and incurring liability. 

To assist in securing systems used, among others, for home office purposes, TSplus has developed TSplus Advanced Security add-on, a unique cyber-security toolset dedicated to ensuring the safety of Remote Desktop use. TSplus Advanced Security offers up to seven vital security protections:

Homeland Protaction: Prevents foreign attackers from opening remote sessions.
Brute-Force Defender: Blacklist suspicious failed login attempts.
Working Hours Restriction: Control dayes and time user allow access to server
One Click to Secure Desktop: Simple remote access group policy control
End-Point Device Protection: Restrict access by device name.
Ransomware Protection: Protection stops Ransomware in its tracks.
Permissions: Easily inspect Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files

Combined with basic precautions such as strong passwords and two factor authentication, this tool is the best solution to reduce the risk of compromise.

TSplus Advanced Security exists in two editions for different needs: Essentials (four features) and Ultimate Protection (seven features). A trial version allows organizations to test the security tool for 15 days for free. Thanks to the Security Event Log, it is possible to check TSplus Advanced Security powerful action immediately after installation.