Access Saved Remote Computers

Each agent can save their own list of remote computers so they are easy to find later.

Add a computer


Click on the add button to add a new computer to your list.

Add a Computer

Only the computer ID is necessary to add a new computer.

Additionnaly, you can provide a custom name for the computer. If no name is entered it will default to the computer ID.

If you have unattended access to this computer, you can also store the computer’s Remote Support password.

Agents can keep notes about each PC in the Remote Computer list.

Manage computers

Manage computers

A green dot is used to signify if a computer is available, and a red dot if unavailable.

You can search a computer in your list using the search bar and refresh your list with the refresh button.

You can edit your computer information at any time. Just click on the computer you want to edit. Its information will appear on the right of the screen. Edit your information directly and it will be saved automatically.

The Connect button enables agents to start a remote session to the selected computer in one click.