TSplus Remote Support Features

Get more and pay less than TeamViewer

Remote Assistance

Exactly what agents and end-users need.

Attended/Unattended Session Sharing

Enable quick and easy remote connections. ‍

Security and Cloud Hosting

A secure SaaS solution with a fully Cloud-Managed connection platform.

Best User Experience

User-friendly software interface for better end-user satisfaction.

TSplus Remote Support Feature like Remote Assistance

Agents can take control of the screen, mouse, and keyboard of remote clients. The end-user can allow the agent to take control in one mouse click. As soon as the end-user allows the connection, the chat box appears, and the remote support session starts.
An Agent can take control and troubleshoot independently or collaboratively: multiple Agents can connect to the same remote computer.

Both the agent and the end-user have a tailored chat box. The agent’s chat box contains vital information and all the standard functionalities he will need to run the session.

The end-user chat box is simpler for an ideal user experience. It contains key functionalities such as file sharing.

Both the agent and the end-user can upload and share files with their counterparts.
The agent can easily change the language of the remote support interface.
Support Agents can send keyboard commands such as ctrl+alt+del or start the Task Manager on remote computers.
Support agents have access to all displays on a remote computer using a multi-monitor configuration.
Support agents can enable or disable the copy-paste clipboard functionality between the agent and the end-user PC.

Agents can view OS, Hardware and User Account data from the Remote PC.

TSplus Remote Support Feature like Remote Assistance

TSplus Remote Support Features Attended and Unattended Session Sharing

  • No Setup, Quick Connection
  • Unattended Access

Agents and end-users can get started quickly by simply downloading and running a small program. The end-user then shares their ID and password with the agent and the connection is quickly established.

All the heavy lifting is done by our servers.

Support agents can even create a branded, streamlined version of the connection client program for their customers. In addition to adding their own corporate brand, the end-user connection client can be simplified, making it easier for end-users to quicky receive support.

rs agent screenshot 2 p 800

Each agent can add remote machines to the list of available unattended computers and access them. Three actions are available on computers: connect, open a command prompt and remove. Unattended computers can be organized using groups and quickly found using the search bar.

remote support unattended

Remote Support Features Like Security and Cloud Hosting

Remote Support uses industry standard TLS encryption to keep your remote support sessions secure.
TSplus Remote Support servers are managed by our experts and located all around the world for the best customer experience.
TSplus not only manages all the connection servers, but it keeps the connection clients up to date automatically. If an agent or user starts the remote support program with an old version, the software will update itself automatically and open the interface with all the most recent fixes and features. Every time.
Remote Support Features Like Security and Cloud Hosting

Best User Experience

  • Your Company Name and Logo
  • Download from your Domain
  • Custom Connection Client

Your Company Name and Logo

Add your branding to the Remote Support connection client so that end-users see your logo during remote support sessions.
remote support white label p 800

Download from your Domain

Host your connection client download using your branded domain to maintain brand awareness through the Remote Support process from beginning to end.
remote support your domain

Custom Connection Client

Simplified end-user interface. End-users only see the features and buttons they need for a successful Remote Support session.
remote support lite client p 800

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