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Starting with version 9.60, Terminal Service Plus provides an easy to use feature to restrict the user connections to specific time ranges in a week.

This feature is great for small and medium size businesses and allows IT admins to set up quickly a time- and day-based connection restriction. Of course, if you have an Active Directory, you might want to set the work hours on it directly, instead of using this feature.

How to authorize users to connect only during their work hours

Open Terminal Service Plus AdminTool, click on the “Security” tab and then click on the “Work Hours Access Restrictions” icon.

The following window will be displayed:

To prevent a user from opening a session on the server outside his work hours, select the user on the left part of the window, then click on “Authorize only during these time ranges”.

To authorize a given day, check the matching checkbox and enter the start and end time of the time range for that day, using the HH:MM format.

Terminal Service Plus requires a “24 hours” time, i.e. 8AM is 08:00 and 8PM is 20:00 (just add 12 to PM hours).

Schedules Priorities and Authorizations Rules

The following rules apply:

Administrators can always connect, whatever their scheduled work hours.

  • User schedules have priority on group schedules: group schedules only apply when a user does not have a specific schedule defined for him.
  • Access has priority: if several group schedules apply and at least one is authorizing the user to connect, then the user will able to connect.

Please also note that this feature:

  • does not close existing user sessions at the end of the authorized time range, and
  • does not prevent a user to reconnect to an existing session outside his authorized time range.

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