All-in-one solution for Remote Access and Web Portal

TSplus 12.50 release announcement:

The TSplus team is proud to announce  Version 12.50 A new “Send to Client” contextual menu (right-click menu) can be enabled on the Advanced > Contextual Menu tab of the AdminTool to easily send files to Client Workstation:

The contextual menu is available by right-clicking on the desired file or folder, selecting the TSplus tab and by clicking on “Download”
More information can be found on this documentation.

download to client
  • The setting “Allow access from Microsoft RDP Client for Admins only” was added in Session > Permissions

Printer: Page orientation settings were added for the Universal Printer, you can now choose between Portrait or Landscape:


TSplus 12.40 release announcement:

The Connection Client program and Web Plugin (“RemoteAppClient”) have been merged together and can now be deployed with a single Setup. Both files remain under the same names and each embarks both setups.

Connection Client
  • Applications Publishing: applications can now be grouped in “folders” in AdminTool > Applications.
    Permissions are then handled per folder for all the applications in a folder, and all the TSplus programs (Floating Panel, Application Panel, Taskbar, Folder, Web Applications Portal) and Mobile App will then display these folders accordingly.
TSplus v12_folder

TSplus has integrated one of the core features of our leading security software suite, RDS-Knight.
Now operating as a native TSplus security feature, we’re proud to introduce TSplus Lockout.
Lockout monitors failed web login attempts on your TSplus server. It logs attempts and automatically blocks the corresponding user after the authorized number of failed attempts has been reached. You will easily see if an Address has been locked under the “Locked” column:


TSplus 12.40 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions. Queries regarding version selection can be cleared at TSplus download page.