Edit or Delete the Parameter of a Generated Client

There are many reasons why you would want to change the parameters of your connection client: your TSplus server IP address changed, you need to add printer’s redirection, to change the universal printer settings or so on…

  • You first need to create a shortcut of the ConnectLauncher.exe file, located on the RDP6 folder of the user’s profile:
client RDP6 folder
client launcher

– Then, right click on it and hit properties. Place your mouse at the end of the “target” field and type in the client’s path followed by “/?”, for example: “C:\Users\John\Desktop\clientname.connect /?”:

client parameters

Now click OK and double click on the shortcut. A list of switch appears 

client parameters2

Click OK, the list of all the parameters appears in a small window.
You can now edit them to match your preferences, you will need to log off and log on again to apply the changes.

client parameters3
client parameters4


After having launched the client at least once, you can clean the parameters by deleting the client.txt file located in the RDP6 folder:

client clean parameters