Activating the License

Locating TSplus serial number and activating the license

Option One

Serial Number and License options will appear on Windows startup :

Option Two

Locate the Administrator Tool on your desktop :
  • If you cannot find the admin tool shortcut, it should be located in the desktop folder on the administrator account used to TSplus:downloads. You can also find the TSplus folder on this path: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\UserDesktop\files’.

Double-click on it, then click on the license tab.

Here you can see the status of your TSplus license, as well as your Computer ID and Computer Name:

When you order a license, connect to our Licensing Portal and enter yourComputer ID:


You will get your license.lic file, then, on the Admin Tool, click on the “Activate your license” tile:


You will get a list of all the available licenses/supports assigned to this activation key, i.e. all licenses/supports not activated yet:


Check one or more items and click on the “Next” button. Please note that you can activate several products at the same time by checking several products/support!


All your products/support are now activated (in this example, both TSplus with support and TSplus Advanced Security have been activated at once).

Activate TSplus License V14