Advanced Product Features

Product Overview

On this tab, you can modify TSplus advanced security product settings by adding an Admin Tool Pin-code, use the Windows RDS role and customize the background color and language of the Admin Tool.

admin tool advanced

Administrator Pin Code

The Administrator can secure the Administrator Tool access by setting a pin code which will be asked at every start, on the Advanced tab of the Admin Tool, under the Product Settings:

admin pin code

Use RDS role

Multi-session role and Windows RDS role are not compatible. You can either select the Windows RDS role, or TSplus Multi-session role.

  • When using Multi-session role, the Windows RDS role must be uninstalled.
  • When using the Windows RDS role, this Windows role must be installed.

WARNING: changing role requires to reboot the system. When selecting the Windows Remote Desktop, only one user at a time will be allowed on a workstation system.

advanced rds role

To use the Windows RDS role, select the “Yes” value and Save.

Modify the AdminTool Background color

Customize Admin Tool’s background color using an hexadecimal code (for example: 0xFFFFFF). 

advanced background color

Modify the AdminTool Language

Select your preferred language for the AdminTool among the 21 available.

advanced languages