Farm Overview

Farm Naming

The goal of TSplus Farm features is to allow the Administrator to manage all his TSPlus servers from a single server. This server is named the Farm Controller.

The TSplus servers in the Farm are named the Application Servers, or just Servers.

Finally, the application which allows the Administrator to manage and monitor his Farm is named the Farm Manager.

farm overview

Farm Releases History

  • API 1.4 (released with TSplus 10.10)
    • Load-Balancing centralized monitoring
    • Enable/Disable a Server in TSplus Load-Balancing Manager
    • Translations in multiple languages (TSplus language will be used)
    • Several settings added + display bugs fixed
  • API 1.3 (released with TSplus 9.70)
    • Settings centralized monitoring and management (Global settings / Floating Panel / RemoteApp Client / HTML5 Client)
  • API 1.2 (released with TSplus 9.60)
    • Farm Manager
    • Servers centralized management (add/remove)
    • Sessions centralized monitoring and management (messages/disconnect/logoff)
  • API 1.1 (released with TSplus 9.30)
    • Load-Balancing internals
    • Load-Balancing Sticky-Sessions