TSplus Editions


On the License Tile under the Serial Number, you can see the type of TSplus License editions you purchased as well as your number of users next to the number of connections:

TSplus has merged old licenses into one in order to have more clarity. The System and Printer Editions still have the same core features:

  • TSplus Administrator Tool (AdminTool), Concurrent connections support.
  • Application Control per user and/or per groups.
  • TSplus Remote Desktop Taskbar and/or TSplus Floating Panel, Remote Desktop access.
  • TSplus Portable Client Generator.
  • Seamless and RemoteApp connection client, Fully compliant with RDP protocol.
  • Dual Screen support, bi-directional Sound, RemoteFX when compatible with Windows version.
  • Local and Remote connection support.
  • Workgroup and Active Directory users support.

The Printer Edition enables you to print from any location, without having to install any specific driver. The old licenses names were the following:

  • Web Access Edition (Which incorporated connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTP  Web Server).
  • The Secure Web Edition (Which incorporated http + https access with ssh tunneling).
  • The Mobile Web Edition (Which incorporated the Web Access and Secure Web Editions features,    HTML5 access on mobile devices).

They are now merged with the Mobile Web Edition.

The Mobile Edition enables you to:

  • Connect from any web browser with TSplus HTTP Web Server.
  • Entirely secured connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTPS  Web Server and SSH server.
  • HTML pages includes Windows, Java and HTML5 web access clients.
  • Easily connect from iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
  • Customize login web page with TSplus easy-to-use Webmaster Toolkit.
  • With TSplus Web Applications Portal, users can access their application list inside their web browser.
  • Instead of Windows Credentials, TSplus Web Credentials allows users to connect with only an e-mail or a pin-code. Universal Printer enables you to print from any location, without having to install any specific printer driver. For details check TSplus License Generator.

The Enterprise Edition includes all the following features:

  • Support an unlimited number of servers within each TSplus Support  Farm.
  • Thousands of users working concurrently on a scalable Load-Balanced architecture.
  • Single TSplus Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers.
  • TSplus Enterprise Edition provides the ability to assign one or several Application Server(s) to users or groups of users.
  • Load Balancing and Failover support included.
Visit the download TSplus page for more details.